Momma Dude will be writing blogs and newsletters for our new website!!

 I think the midwest is finally in the last winter season.  With being said, everyone seems to have the crud or the blahs. (Colds, sore throats, stuffy heads or just that feeling of not wanting to do anything)

 Here’s what I drink for the stuffy head.  I choose one of our chili flake teas to clear that congestion right out.  You can choose from Fireball, a smoky black tea with cinnamon.  For those who love Thai, Thai Chi, a green tea blend with basil and lemongrass. ( I love to watch people sample this tea)  Our last is Tropical Thunder, a Passion fruit, peachy coconut ginger blend that the Dude came up with after a trip to the Dominican in November.  His take on a Bahama Mamma and Miami vice mixture. If you don’t like the heat then the Staycation is for you! It is the same blend without chili flakes.  A word of caution, when brewing these teas, the longer it steeps the more the heat comes out.

 If heat is not your thing then I recommend our teas with ginger and lemon.  You can choose from All the Lemon, Green Hornet, and 1337 734 ( yes that’s geek speak for Leet Tea. It took the Dude some time to explain this to me.)

 You can find all of these teas on our new website along with a link to sign up for our newsletter.  

You can find the Dude next at Wizard World Comic Con in Cleveland March 8-10

 Till then, if you need a toddy, I highly recommend Mintberry Kiss with a shot of bourbon or whiskey and honey.  This winter has to wrap up sometime soon right?